Guide To Transport in Bangkok


Here we provide information about transport in Thailand, and  in particular, Bangkok. All information we provide includes advice on issues that you may need to be aware of when you use the transport in Thailand. Following the advice on this page will help you enjoy a safe and comfortable trip. Bangkoks transportation system make it a very desirable place to buy a home in Thailand. There are many affordable houses in Bangkok that one can rent or buy.

Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) as well as information on bus routes in Bangkok and the provinces that connect to Bangkok area. Should you need any additional information or have any suggestions, please simply dial 184 or 246-0973

Tuk Tuks or Samlor

is a small car has three wheeled made in Thailand, and Thailands tuk-tuks have become a national symbol of Thailand already, can be found in most major cities in Thailand. However if the driver offer to take you to shopping for good deals, beware that the goods may be fake or actually it is overpriced. If you are not interested just say that you are not interested, most of the Tuk Tuk drivers will normally take you where you are going any way but fix a price first.

Taxi Meter

Bangkok has thousands of taxis, all are taxi meter, Taxi colours can be yellow and green, (driven by the owner) and other colour can be blue and red, pink or other (taxi in those colours are renting cars). For the price passenger has to pay the first price 35B for the first 2 kms and its then 5B : 1 km after that and if the taxi is going through highways, the passenger has to pay for about 10 to 30B depend on the Toll roads where you are going. (you pay for toll charges) applied in traffic jams 1.25B : 1 m when moving under 6 kms in an hour. However some taxi are good and some are bad so beware of scam on meter or not going to direct rout, and you will end up with paying overprice.

Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) or Skytrain.

Available in Bangkok only, the service started to public on 5th December 1999. It is fast, clean & comfortable and convenient way to get around Bangkok, however in rush hour the trains get very packed as well. Skytrain Service has three main routes start from north of Bangkok at Mo Chit station (Near the Northern Bus terminal) to east of Bangkok at On Nut station, not far from the Eastern Bus Terminus.

The other route is south Station to the Chao Phraya river at Saphan Taksin station. All main route will connect at Siam Station, if you come from North, East or South station, you can change your route there. For more details about timetable, price, map or ticket


Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) or The Bangkok Metro underground train.

The service started on 3rd July 2004. The Line starts from southwest of Bangkok Railway Station or (Hua Lamphong) and ends at Bang Sue Railway Station north of Bangkok. Under ground train connects to Sky Train (BTS) at some points and it quite useful as you can go along using both BTS and MRT in part of Bangkok. For more details about timetable, price, map or ticket.

The State Railways of Thailand

The State Railways are the easiest and the best way to get around and see the country. The first rail service start from Bangkok to Ayutthaya in 26th of March 1894, was considered as a red-letter day ever to be remembered in the annals of the Royal State Railways of Siam.( Siam was the official old name of Thailand). Travel by train in Thailand is comfortable, safe, cheap and you can enjoy the experience of country side and lifestyle of Thai people.  if you start from Bangkok looking for Bangkok Railway Station or (Hualamphong Train Station) is located in the centre of Bangkok on Rama IV Road, recommend to booked at least three days in advance as they are frequently full. This can be done at all the major train stations or by telephone and Anyone travelling on a train without a ticket will be fined. It is not possible to buy a ticket once on board the train. For more details about timetable, price, map or ticket.

Taxi Boat or River Boat

The service for travelling along the Chao Phraya river is a motorboat, it is cheap, convenient and run a regular route and some run by canals on the Thon Buri side is the most pleasant way to travel in Bangkok and you with enjoy looking over side of the river see Thai lifestyle that live along by the canals.. For more detail on route,timetable, map and price.

Bus terminal

Bangkok has three big bus terminals, below are details. Northern Bus terminal has their own website in English, where you can check time table direct from the website, but other has not got one yet, so you may have to call or go to get information there.

Information Center Tel: +66 (02) 9362996, E-mail:
The Northern & Northeastern Bus Terminal (Government licensed public bus service) also known as Moh Chit or Morchit, this is the largest, busiest, and most modern terminal. The upper floor serves the North-East (Isaan)the ground floor serves the North, as well as sharing some destinations with Ekamai(including Pattaya, Rayong, Chanthaburi and Trat) not far from BTS MohChit/Metro Chatuchak stations (N8/18) you take the bus number 77 or take a taxi.

THE TRANSPORT COMPANY LIMITED (The Northern & Northeastern Bus Terminal)

Routes, timetables and passenger fares for VIP, air-conditioned (1st and 2nd class) 999 Khumphaengphet 2 Road, Jatujak, Jatujak Bangkok 10900
Northern Bus Terminal Tel. (66) 2936-3660
Northeastern Bus Terminal : Tel: (66) 2936-0667
Eastern Bus Terminal
(Government licensed public bus service) also known as Ekamai is on Sukhumvit Road, this relatively compact terminal is located right next to Ekamai BTS station on Sukhumvit (E7). Ekamai serves Eastern Thailand destinations, including Pattaya, Rayong, Ban Phe, Chanthaburi and Trat. Tel: (66) 2391-2504, 2391-4164
Southern Bus Terminal (Government licensed public bus service) also known as Sai Tai Mai is on Boromratchchonnani road, this older and relatively chaotic sprawling terminal serves all points west and south from its somewhat inconvenient location on the wrong side of the river.  Tel: (66) 2435-1200, 2434-7192

Beware: if you plan on traveling overnight to southern destinations with booked via Khao San Road agency, this has got a very bad reputation. As all of passengers will be foreign only, so make sure that you guard your stuff well and do not leave any valuable item in you backpack if you are not carrying it with you, and do not accept food or drinks from strangers.